Lease Your Domain Name

  • Standard Lease, or "Lease-to-own"
  • Leases secured through
  • Lessen start-up capital outlay
  • Prepay to own at any time
  • No interest or late penalties

Quick Overview of Domain Leasing:

When you buy a domain, it's transferred to you and you become the registrant. In a lease arrangement, we either keep it in our name or it's placed in escrow.  We forward all traffic from the name to your website during the term of the lease.  We then either transfer the domain to you when all payments are made, or turn off the forwarding and keep the domain for standard leases.

Note:  We're the registrant of this name.  It can be purchased through dozens of vendors online, but we believe that it can only be leased here directly through us.  Call the number below for more information.

*All sales and lease agreements made directly between us are subject to prior or pending sales or leases via one of our marketing partners.  Some limitations apply for lease eligibility.  Signage as shown in slides not included.